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At Boston Thermography Center we are proud to work with two leading Clinical Thermologists:

William C. Amalu

DC, DABT, DIACT, FIAT, and President of the International Academy of Thermology (IACT)

The IACT is a non-profit organization dedicated to research, education and the establishment of standards and guidelines in clinical thermography. Dr. Amalu brings over 23 years of thermal imaging experience to patient care. He currently provides thermogram interpreting services for many imaging centers worldwide.

In his capacity as a board member of the International Academy of Clinical Thermology, Dr. Amalu instructs physicians worldwide in the science and interpretation of thermal imaging. He also lectures worldwide in both university and public venues to increase awareness and utilization of this lifesaving procedure.

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Dr. Robert Kane

Dr. Kane is known as “The Voice of Thermography.” He holds Diplomate Certification with the American Board of Clinical Thermographers and the International Academy of Clinical Thermology, and also holds Fellowship with the International Academy of Clinical Thermology.

With over 18 years of experience in the field of thermography, Dr. Kane is a leading trainer of thermographic technicians and has championed quality control high standards in the imaging field. He currently provides private thermography interpretation services to over 25 centers in the U.S., Canada and Israel.

As a leading advocate for women’s optimal health and wellness, Dr. Kane is the world’s leading authority on providing a compassionate approach to help women lower their risk of breast cancer through non-invasive testing and monitoring.

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