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Reduce the fat in your problem areas with this any time visit and return to your day without interruption or restrictions, plus:

How does Body Contouring System work?
The advanced body contouring device directly targets the adipocyte fat cells. Stimulating the cells opens their pores to release the fat stored inside. The fat cells then shrink in size. The excess is then removed safely by the body's natural metabolic process.

How many visits does it take?
A course of 8 treatments is usually recommended. Depending on results required and body areas to be treated, the amount of treatments may vary by each individual.

What’s a visit like?
A treatment specialist will measure you then guide you to relax on the treatment table. Painless laser paddles will be placed on each treatment area for approximately 10 minutes. Paddles are then removed. Following the treatment, 10 minutes on our Whole Body Vibration Unit will assist in draining of the recently released fat from your interstitial area. Post treatment measurements will show the accomplishments achieved. After that, you are free to return to normal daily activity!

What results can I expect
Almost everyone shows a measureable loss with each treatment. Cumulative treatments are noticeable and impressive. Exercise and proper nutrition will help increase results.